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  • Parents - It is important to log into your parent portal account at least once a month to keep your account active and check on your child's progress.

** ** Online Student Registration for the 2019-20 school year began April 22. ** **

Online Student Registration - All students must have an online registration completed by using the primary parent's portal account before enrollment can be approved at any Henderson County School.  Information on student registration can be found on the Henderson County School's web page at  The registration will be an annual process to keep student's records updated that will begin each April for the following school year.

Parent Portal or Online Registration help can be received quickest by emailing 

OLR@HENDERSON.KYSCHOOLS.US or calling  270-831-8784.

Parent Portal Account Set Up for First Time Users
     For parents/guardians of any Henderson County School student who have never set up your Infinite Campus Parent Portal user name or password, please use the following steps:
1. You must first get your account Activation Key by emailing OLR@HENDERSON.KYSCHOOLS.US
or calling 270-831-8784. 

2. Once you have the Activation Key, go to Henderson Co School’s web page at
3. Locate the box titled QUICK LINKS and click on INFINITE CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL LINK
4. Infinite Campus Parent Portal log in page opens
5. Go to the line under the log in boxes stating:  “If you have been assigned a Campus Portal Activation Key, Click Here.” and Click that link.
6. You will be sent to a page to enter your Activation Key and complete the process of setting your user name and password.  Your user name has no special rules.  Your password must be at least 9 characters long with a combination of letters, numbers, or symbols. 

Account Reset Steps for Users who have forgotten User Name or Password
     For parents/guardians who have forgotten your user name or password, there is a link on the portal log in page to allow the retrieval or reset yourself at any time.
1. Go to Henderson Co School’s web page at
2. Locate the box titled QUICK LINKS and click on INFINITE CAMPUS PARENT PORTAL LINK
3. Infinite Campus Parent Portal log in page opens 

4. Click FORGOT PASSWORD or FORGOT USER NAME link on the log in page
5. An email will be sent to you with reset or retrieval information

How to update your personal contact information in the portal
     The important step to the self-service reset process working is having the correct parent’s email address in your IC account.  This and other personal information can be updated by following these steps:
1. Go to any Henderson Co School’s web page
3. Log into Portal account
4. Click into the Account Settings 

5. Change email address or password within this section and click Save
6. Sign Out of the portal account

If additional assistance is needed please email OLR@HENDERSON.KYSCHOOLS.US
or call 270-831-8784.

Mobile Parent Portal App
  ** Note Online Registration cannot be done with the app, it is used to view student school information and progress
1.  Download the Infinite Campus Mobile Portal App from an app store
2.  Launch the Campus App and enter Henderson as district code  
3. Log into your Portal Account with your Campus Username and Password


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